OS approves $50,000 towards improvements to Porter Avenue

OS approves $50,000 towards improvements to Porter Avenue

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs city leaders want to make improvements to one city road in hopes of boosting economic development.

The board of aldermen approved $50,000 to go towards the $1.2 million Porter Avenue Improvement Project.

Apron Strings and French Kiss Bakery owner Jacqueline Ladnier has been operating her business on Porter Avenue for a year. She says the road gets a lot of foot and bike traffic, but she'd like to see more.

"I rent from Fred Moran in my retail location on Washington. He had this space available and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to Porter before the big bomb and be one of the first ones here," Ladnier said.

The $1.2 million Porter Avenue Improvement Project still has another hurdle to cross before becoming reality. Ocean Springs Alderman Mike Impey says that in January, the Gulf Regional Planning Commission will decide on whether it will approve the project to free up money still needed for the project.

"We have runners and bikers that are up and down this street all day long. I think it will be great for them....maybe for safety reasons, to have a wider street or even sidewalks for them to be on. A lot of people will run down Porter Avenue to connect to the bridge to run the bridge, said Ladnier.

If approved, the project would connect Porter Avenue's sidewalk from Front Beach all the way to Martin Avenue.

The project includes drainage improvements, an eight inch water line to offer more capacity, stripping, signage,

28 new angle parking spaces and a curb with an 18-inch gutter.

"It's a thoroughfare straight from Biloxi to downtown Ocean Springs. I think it will be great for walkers, bike riders and just shoppers in general," Ladnier added.

Alderman Impey says he still wants to learn more about the project. The project will also receive $50,000 from the county and $150,000 from the state. It will go out for bid almost immediately if Gulf Regional Planning Commission approves.

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