Page 13: Spiritual jewelry from Bay St. Louis

Page 13: Spiritual jewelry from Bay St. Louis

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Jewelry designer Peshah Gallen lays all of her materials, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, on the floor of her Bay St. Louis studio. When she connects the components, the result is custom made jewelry.

Gallen traveled an interesting path to jewelry design.

"I was working for Dupont, and I was bored with corporate America. I took a ride out to the country in Virginia. I went to a mine. A woman showed me how to pick up tools and make jewelry. That was the beginning of my spark," said Gallen.

She named her business 1213 Jewelry, based on biblical scripture. Gallen makes her handcrafted pieces with a spiritual touch.

"This may sound odd in this day and age, but I actually pray over each piece in the hopes it will bring joy to people. The solace and the peace of it, I think it brings people together," Gallen said.

Her work is sold at museums and in an array of shops like Something Special on Main St. in Old Town Bay. St. Louis. She also makes special pieces for charity groups in an effort to capitalize on her formal education and a desire to make a difference.

"My undergraduate is in mental health, so I love to help people. It's a passion in my life. I marry together helping people with my artistic abilities. I offer to nonprofits jewelry at no cost," Gallen said.

It's handmade jewelry from the heart and soul.

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