There Will Be A Friday Night Showdown Between College And High School Football

Football games on Friday night have basically been exclusive to the high school ranks. A special night for the young men, when parents, relatives, friends, students and alumni flock to stadiums all across America supporting their schools.

However, ESPN and a couple of conferences across the country have decided to play college football on the night devoted to high school football... Friday night. Conference-USA agreed to play the Friday night schedule with two games late in November, Southern Miss at East Carolina and TCU at Southern Miss. The Conference believes it will help promote their brand of football by providing national television exposure.

I believe Friday night football belongs exclusively to the high schools. So does Ole Miss football coach David Cutcliffe. Ole Miss Head Coach David Cutcliffe said, "I'm really not in favor of it. High school has been very good to us. We have a great kinship with high school football. I'm really appreciative of television. The coverage that we receive in college football is excellent. But I would think that we could make college football to remain a Saturday game, let the high schools have Friday night and let the pro's have Sunday. Its worked pretty well for a long time."

So what happens when college and high school football clash on Friday night? Well attendance will drop in the high school ranks and that will give the athletic programs less money to spend on new equipment, new uniforms and coaches. College football will ultimately have a negative effect on the young men they're trying to recruit.