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Rescued animals brought to Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Baton Rouge is slowly emerging from the murky depths of mammoth flooding. Scores of people, their beloved pets and livestock are now displaced,  
but armies of volunteers are coming to the rescue. 

More than 20 thousand residents were taken to higher ground by strangers or first responders. The Governor said one thousand pets were rescued.

There are so many dramatic rescues that took place. Horses, cattle, dogs, cats, and chickens were not left behind, but 15 dogs were.

Chrissy Cheshire of Cheshire Abbey animal rescue in Jackson took down supplies desperately needed for animals.

"The supporters of Cheshire Abbey have all donated, so we took a U-Haul van load down yesterday full of supplies and they were very grateful, said Cheshire. "Cara's house is a local shelter down there so we were just trying to help them."  

With animal rescue centers underwater,  temporary shelters and fosters are in short supply in Baton Rouge. Cheshire came back with 15 assorted puppies.

"Someone on a boat got them all and pulled them up and just dropped them off," according to Cheshire.

They were rescued from certain death at what may have been a puppy mill. Now saved from a tale of two disasters, the stray pups will be held for 5 days, a Louisiana law requirement.  Cheshire Abbey says they will place a longer hold on them.  

After that they can begin the process of adopting them out.  A number of Animal Rescue associations are already offering to give them homes. 

The Baton Rouge shelter CARA's Home considers the dogs an animal neglect case. They will not be returned to their owner.
 With matted hair, nutrition, medical issues, and a  pregnant female,  the dogs will now be treated by Veterinarians. They will also be spayed and neutered.

"If you want to donate, you can always donate to the Abbey," said Cheshire. "We will be taking more down or you can always donate to Cara's house down there in Louisiana. You can get information from Cheshire Abbey's Facebook page.

The Humane Society of the United States is on the ground as well as animal rescue shelters from a number of states to provide  disaster relief for Louisiana pets and residents.

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