Gulfport firemen return from assisting in LA flood rescues

Gulfport firemen return from assisting in LA flood rescues

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - When Mother Nature knocked on the door, the Gulfport Fire Department answered.

"We got the call that they were having some serious flooding... we came in and got activated right away," said Lieutenant Chad Bryant of the Gulfport Fire Department.

Several Gulfport firemen were part of a group sent to help thousands who were stranded in Baton Rouge, a task that wasn't easy to get started

"We had a lot of flooding on I-12 going in and a lot of navigational issues to reach Baton Rouge. They were closing the interstate as we were going in and the highways," said Lieutenant Bryant.

"They're thankful. They were real welcoming and did really good. Everything was spot on, ready to go when we got there. And whatever we needed, they were providing. And whatever they needed us to do, we provided," said Gulfport Fire Department Engineer Tim Ishi.

Even though these firefighters helped many that were stranded in Louisiana, some of them say that it's the first responders that need help, too.

"All the responders, most of their homes have been affected like all the residents. The responders are still having to stay at work and work their shifts and they're not able to go in and clean their houses up," said Lieutenant Blake Smith.

These local fireman are asking for any donations for first responders still assisting, including gift cards, clothes, food and water. Donations can be dropped off at any Gulfport fire station.

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