Moss Point powerlifters grab championship rings

Moss Point powerlifters grab championship rings

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Two years ago, the team did not exist. Now, the 12 members of the Moss Point High School girls powerlifting team are state champions, and they have the rings to prove it.

Slipping on a ring never felt better. So good in fact, there were tears of joy. For family and friends watching, this was a special moment. Ronald Hammler is the grandfather of three team members.

"It makes me feel very, very good. I'm proud of them and proud of the whole team. I'm very proud that they have done something positive," Hammler beamed.

Getting to this day was not easy. That's according to team member Niya Cooper.

"It took a lot of effort. We had to come here at 5:30 in the morning constantly, throughout the rain, the thunder, the flooding. No matter what. We had a whole new team of new girls, so we had to teach them how to lift. It was very hard, but it was worth it," Cooper said.

Also worth it was the bond formed between teammates, like Courtney Sellers.

"They are amazing. They are always there to encourage me. They are always there to put a smile on your face. They are always there to just help you. We are there to help each other throughout the day," Sellers explained.

When you really think about it, what has happened at Moss Point High School is almost unbelievable. A team that did not exist two years ago is now a state champion. For coach Kyle Mickelson, that is some kind of feeling.

"I don't think any coach would think that that's a realistic goal. I mean, they want it that way. That's just what movies are made out of. That's what we wanted to do, and we ended up doing it. So, I was really surprised and happy," Mickelson said.

They are happy, but still tough.

"We don't baby our girls. We have bars that we set, and they hit those goals. We were very aggressive," said Mickelson.

Aggressive enough to be able to pose for a very special snapshot in time.

With five seniors returning and the rest of the experienced team coming back as well, Mickelson expects the girls to compete for another state title next year

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