Biloxi City Council split on Tisdale's CAO nomination

Biloxi City Council split on Tisdale's CAO nomination

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Paul Tisdale's move to Biloxi's chief administrative officer position is on hold. Mayor FoFo Gilich pulled it from Tuesday's agenda.  It's quite likely Gilich took that action because the appointment appears to be on very thin ice.

WLOX News Now just confirmed three council members oppose plans to make Tisdale the next CAO. Unless one of those council members has a change of heart, Tisdale's hire will be blocked.

The Tisdale nomination was on Tuesday's city council agenda. Tisdale was expected to resign from his city council seat.

The council was expected to vote on his appointment to the chief administrative officer position. However, those plans changed Monday because Tisdale's nomination faces a 3-3 deadlock.

Tisdale agreed to accept the CAO post and not get paid, saving the city more than $100,000. Biloxi got opinions from the attorney general's office and the ethics commission to make sure he could work and not accept a salary.

Gilich to nominate Tisdale for CAO after AG opinion

WLOX News Now has learned the opinions didn't satisfy three of Biloxi's six city council members.

In a news release, Gilich simply said he's still working out the details on what to do with Tisdale and the CAO opening.

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