Stone High principal praised for protecting students during flood

Stone High principal praised for protecting students during flood

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A south Mississippi principal's actions are being praised on social media. When the heavy rains came through Wiggins last week, Stone High School saw some rough conditions. Principal Adam Stone worked to make sure his students stayed safe.

It started off like a normal day for the first year principal. But ended a lot differently. Before the school day let out Thursday, parents alerted Stone to the rising water in the parking lot on the west side of the campus.

"And I went down there and looked and they were not telling a fib. It was flowing pretty good and it just kept raining," said Stone.

And then, Stone did what he said anyone would do. He took off his good shoes and went to work moving cars.

"Everybody else really did the hard part. They were the ones who found the kids and got their keys," said Stone.

But it was Stone actually doing the dirty work.

"It surprised me and he went and moved my car and moved it over there," said senior Caitlin Ladner.

Stone said the water was actually bubbling up through the floorboards of several of the cars. Sophomore Christian Stonnington remembers the water rising on his truck, and the other cars in the parking lot weren't doing much better.

"It came up to their tires and their bumpers," said Stonnington.

Stonnington believes the impact of seeing their principal jumping into action was huge on the student body.

"He gained a lot more respect," said Stonnington.

Senior, Ashley Ladner agreed, "I thought it was great leadership." And that leadership was caught on camera, and posted to social media. It wasn't long before the post started getting lots of attention.

As for Stone, the attention was a little overwhelming.

"I was like, oh my goodness. I'm not going to say it was embarrassing, but it's a little flattering. You want to be humbled by situations like that because you do believe that anybody would do something like that," said Stone.

But, Stone actually did, and his actions are posted for the world to see. Reactions to the post on Facebook have been a flood of positive comments praising Stone for what he did. Comments like "Need more like him!" by Candis Wood, and "Way to go Adam... capture their hearts and their minds will follow," by Kyle Nobles.

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