Local church helps little girl battling cancer

Local church helps little girl battling cancer

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - Dozens Gathered at Robinwood Baptist Church to help a very special girl.

Kylie is recovering from Acute Megakaryoblastic with M7, a form of leukemia with less than 50 cases worldwide. Although she may be currently cancer-free, she still has to undergo treatment.

"She has more good days than she has bad days and there's power in prayer. Every time we pray, something good happens and turns out," said Kylie's mother, Alyssa Smith.

"She's still got a long road ahead and she's got several months of chemo but it's just a 50 percent chance that it would come back in the first year," added Kylie's Grandmother, Joanna Rouse.

Residents living in the Saucier area are doing what they can to help; donating money and prayers in hopes of Kylie making a full recovery.

"We heard about the benefit for her and the leukemia, and we thought it would be a fun way to show up and show off for her and try to help with the funding," said Frappe Fruit store manager, Valerie Brown, who is donating 50 percent of her profits of Kylie.

Mississippi Blood Services also showed up for a special blood drive for Kylie.

"The church contacted them and they agreed to come do a special blood drive because Kylie has to have several blood transfusions and platelet blood transfusions weekly," said Rouse.

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