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Livingston Parish: Denham Springs travel restriction, water boil order and USPS mail pick-up

Livingston Parish Flooding (Source: WAFB) Livingston Parish Flooding (Source: WAFB)
Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office

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UPDATE: TUESDAY, AUG. 16 - 8 P.M. - At approximately 5:10 p.m. Tuesday, August 16, Mayor Guitrau was notified by the French Settlement Water Company that a water line is broken and cannot be repaired until flood water recedes. They have closed a valve near the French Settlement fire station that will shut water off to everyone south of the fire station. They are working directly with Livingston Parish OHSEP to ship in bottled water. A notice will be released upon delivery.

UPDATE: TUESDAY, AUG. 16 - 4:30 P.M. - Colyell Community Water Association has experienced a broken line and needs to post a boil water advisory. Only the south end of Colyell Community WaterAssociation, Inc. is going on a boil water advisory. The Boil Water notice is to include all water users from Hood Road South to Hwy. 42 and everything off of Hwy. 42.

UPDATE: TUESDAY, AUG. 16 - 4:15 P.M. - Due to torrential rains, which produced a ravaging flood in several Louisiana cities, customers will have to pick up their mail in nearby alternate post offices. Denham Springs, LA Post Office is now added to the list. Customers should go to 8101 Bluebonnet Blvd., at the Baton Rouge Processing and Distribution Center, to get their mail. Printed below is the list of impacted post offices in the Baton Rouge area:

  • Greenwell Springs LA - 70739 to Zachary LA 70791
  • Baton Rouge – Central Finance Station 70818 to Scotlandville LA 70807
  • Weyanoke LA 70787 to St Francisville LA  70775
  • Denham Springs, LA 70726 to Baton Rouge P&DC @ 8101 Bluebonnet

 UPDATE: TUESDAY, AUG. 16 - 11:15 A.M. - Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry released some important information Tuesday morning (August 16):

The City of Denham Springs cannot be accessed by any direction until DOTD gives the go ahead. Please stay off the roads until clearance is given. DOTD is currently assessing the condition of the roads, assessing accessibility, and clearing abandoned cars. This will take several hours. When they deem it accessible, we will let you know immediately. To make this process faster, please stay off the roads until that time, it may be several hours. Please stand by for updates. We are here to help as quickly as we can. We are praying continually for you all.

UPDATE: TUESDAY, AUG. 16 - 11 A.M. - United States Postal Service update for Denham Springs: Residents can collect mail in person at the main post office located at 8101 Bluebonnet Blvd. The main office on Bluebonnet will service residents until 5 p.m.

UPDATE: MONDAY, AUG. 15 - 2 P.M. - As of Monday around 2 p.m., the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office offered the following updates: 

Sheriff Ard estimates around 15,000 people have been rescued and that number is still climbing. One hundred were evacuated from Gray's Creek, including those in need of medical attention. Others who chose to stay behind were given ample supplies.

Rescues continue Monday in French Settlement and Maurepas areas. About 400 had been rescued as of 12 p.m. Monday. Resources are en route.

The Sheriff's Office has been answering calls for assistance as fast as they can. They are still experiencing a backlog. You may still experience a busy signal because of the high volume of calls still coming in. Call 911 for real time emergencies or 686-3996 for all other calls for service.

Six shelters are in place in the parish. For a comprehensive list of shelters across the area, click here

The following roads in the parish remain closed:

  • Hwy. 63 S of I-12
  • Hwy. 22 Maurepas
  • 441 S of I-12
  • Hwy. 42 Springfield
  • Juban
  • Range
  • Magnolia Bridge

For a comprehensive list of closed roads in the area, click here

Supplies for first responders have been brought in, including socks, for example. Congressman Graves is working on getting pillows and blankets on the way.

A water boil order has been issued for Denham Springs due to the possibility for contamination because of extensive flooding.

Councilman Chris Davis urged people to drink bottled water if possible. He added they should boil any tap water they plan to drink or use for cooking. This is for anyone who receives their water from Denham Springs. 

VIDEO: Livingston Parish Flooding: 7:50 a.m. UPDATE - Part 1
VIDEO: Livingston Parish Flooding: 7:50 a.m. UPDATE - Part 2

A curfew is in place for residents who remain in Livingston Parish as emergency crews continue to work on reaching all of the stranded residents who have called for help. 

The chief of operations for the City of Walker is advising residents that the wastewater treatment facility in the city has been shut down. This shutdown will affect between 10,000 and 12,000 residents.

The chief also advises that all non-essential City of Walker employees will NOT report to work on Monday, August 15 and Tuesday, August 16. 

"We know people are hurting. They are tired," said Parish President Layton Ricks. "We have not forgotten you. We're coming to get you."  

VIDEO: Livingston Parish News Conference - 9:15 a.m.

Parish officials have been updating the public throughout the weekend. The area of primary concern is in the Watson/Amite corridor. Although it is not a mandatory evacuation, Ricks highly urges people to get out while you can.  

"It is urgent you get out of your homes if you're in the Watson/Amite corridor," he stressed. "We are having to evacuate entire subdivisions in areas that have never flooded." 

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The rescue operation is being coordinated by the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Jason Ard says that as of 9 a.m. Saturday morning there are roughly 150 people that have called for rescue that they have not gotten to yet.  

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"We have a lot of resources that have arrived in Livingston Parish within the last couple hours and we've seen a huge difference," said Sheriff Ard.  "The sightseeing does cause a lot of problems for first responders. You're basically getting in the way, that's what you're doing." 

Since then they have managed to make a dent in that number, but during an afternoon press conference they said they are still behind. The National Guard has additional resources dispatched to the area.

Anyone who needs assistance is urged to call the emergency hotline at 225-686-3996. Those who have boats and want to help can call that same number and it will be passed on to rescuers so they know of those willing to help.

Two spots on the Interstate are being monitored due to the possibility of flooding issues. Officials with the Livingston OEP say they hope to keep the Interstate open, but they will shut it down if it gets too dangerous.  

"This is the worst event I've ever seen, but we will come and get you," Ricks concluded. "Thank God we have not lost one life yet." 

Earlier Saturday morning Sheriff Ard sent out an urgent warning to residents living along Bend Road in Watson. He noted that the Amite River is rising fast and people should get out now. 

"I believe this is a life-threatening situation," Ard said in a written release. "We need to move quickly."

They ask those who can get out on their own to meet deputies at 35980 Bend Road. They added deputies will assist them in getting to dry ground.

VIDEO: Livingston Parish 7 a.m. UPDATE

People are advised to stay off the roads if possible and if they do have to wander out to heed the road hazard warnings. Officials said a vehicle crossed barricades and drove into rushing floodwaters. They added the driver is thankfully okay, but it serves as an example how dangerous the roads are.

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