Vancleave dancers say 'Thank you' to law enforcement

Vancleave dancers say 'Thank you' to law enforcement

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - The Vancleave High School dance team spent their Friday night giving back to the community.

The team invited law enforcement from all over Jackson County to dinner at the Vancleave Public Library. On the menu: pulled pork, potato salad, and dessert.

"You can't give bad food to a fireman," said Lt. Randall Platt of Jackson County Fire Department, who enjoyed his meal and the gesture behind it. "Kids are rebellious, that's what people think. So when these kids come out and do like this it's good for the community; it brings everybody together. It's amazing what kids can do."

The team, who does a community service project every year, knew immediately how they were going to give back.

"With everything going on right now, we just figured it would be a good one for our girls to see that they are a very important part of our community," said coach Elizabeth Steelman. "It keeps them humble, as well as our parents, and they help us do everything."

The girls agree.

"Because we love them and everything that they do for us. They make our community a better place to live in, and a safer environment and everything for us," added team captain Niegireia Reddis.

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