Pass Christian flooding causes residents to worry

Pass Christian flooding causes residents to worry
With regulations put in place after Hurricane Katrina, the elevation to build in Pass Christian is a minimum of 18-feet. (Photo source: WLOX News)

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - As streets are closed and water gets closer to their homes, heavy rain and flood waters in Harrison County is causing some homeowners to worry.

Pass Christian small business owner Dorothy Roberts told her employees to stay home, as she and her husband prepare to deal with potential flooding issues.

"With this weather, we're not anticipating anybody to get out. It's not safe probably," said Roberts.

The flood waters in Pass Christian near her shop came up alarmingly close to the doorstep when the flooding was at its worst.

"My staff sent me a picture where the street looked like a small lake, and our parking lot was under water as well," Roberts added.

Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott says 80 percent of the city is listed as a flood zone. With regulations put in place after Hurricane Katrina, the elevation to build is minimum of 18-feet.

"Drainage is a problem here, even with all the money that was spent, it will never be solved. You can correct some problems, but it will never be solved, it's just tough to do," said McDermott.

Fire Chief Dwight Gordon says his team did their best to warn people to prepare for flood waters.

Gordan noted, "There was, I won't say nothing done, but people seemed like they were caught off guard. I saw a lot of people out trying to load sandbags in the heavy rain."

Derrick Road off Menge was blocked off, as water streamed across the road and people ripped up their carpets. With more rain predicted, Roberts says she and her husband will get to work sandbagging their properties.

"I'm concerned about it. The weather got really, really bad yesterday and it's been raining all day today," said Roberts. "Thankfully we're up far enough to where we're not getting water, but I'm hearing specifically today to keep an eye on things."

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