'Lord help me'; Vietnam vet cries out for help

'Lord help me'; Vietnam vet cries out for help

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - "Lord, if I can just get some help."

Sixty-eight-year-old Vietnam veteran David Jenkins has been calling out the same, daily plea since Hurricane Isaac ripped the roof off his Fredrick Street home in 2012.

It was secured with a tarp, but that tarp has now rotted - and so has the roof. Gaping holes in the ceiling in just about every room are covered with plastic. Buckets are placed on tables and floors; even beds.

"We can be laying in the bed when it starts raining, pouring down rain," Jenkins explained. "It hits me and her in the face and we have to jump up and get out of our bed and come and get in the living room."

Mirrors fog up, and water drips from light fixtures. However, Jenkins can't afford to fix the home himself on his limited income.

"I've got mold all over. I've got mold in my son's room in the closet, I've got mold in my room."

Family friends visiting Jenkins on this rainy Friday are not happy with his situation.

"I was horrified that anybody would have to live in these conditions. Mr. Jenkins is a veteran - that's the first thing - and it breaks my heart that there's not more help available to him," Leslie Price said.

Derrick McDougal, Jenkins' son who also lives in this house, says its been a frustrating catch-22 situation when it comes to getting help.

"In order to get a loan, you have to have insurance and I can't find a company to insure the house." said McDougal. "No one will because the house is already damaged."

Jenkins copes the best he can under the conditions, but it takes a toll on the cancer survivor.

"Just the stress of being able to live here, and having to put down pots and stuff to catch water, it gets kind of frustrating," explained Jenkins.

Anyone with roofing or construction experience who would like to help is asked to contract Derrick at 228-623-2952. The family has also set up an online donation page.

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