Long Beach flood recovery begins

Long Beach flood recovery begins

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The early stages of flood cleanup began in Long Beach on Friday, before the water had fully receded.

Only one street blocked off to traffic, Harrison County Road Manager Russell Weatherly says roads may have even been a little soggier than anticipated.

"We didn't think we'd get quite this much, judging by what we were looking at," said Weatherly.

And with what he hopes is the worst behind him, Weatherly and his crew are assessing damages.

"Right now we're limited on what we can do until the weather gets out of here," Weatherly added.

While the weather stuck around, 28th Street remains closed as water flowed over the blacktop in areas.

"It's bad when it closes the roads up and it gets in people's yards where they can't get out," said driver Kathy Allen.

Another road further west was seeing a bit of overflow as well, but is open for drivers. Gary Cooper, long time resident of Daugherty Road, says it's been just recently that heavy rains have affected his home.

"I've never had water in my shop, and I went in there yesterday and it was about that deep in water," said Cooper, who blamed overgrowth for the flooding issue.

In the county, the roads and bridges will be assessed in clearer conditions. Until then, it's a waiting game.

"Just ready for this rain to get out of here so we can get back to work," said Weatherly.

The National Weather Service is reminding drivers not to drive through covered roadways, even if the road has not been closed.

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