Stennis Space Center Visitors Talk About The Future of Space Travel

Now that space tourist Dennis Tito is back on Earth some people are wondering if his voyage is the beginning of commercial space exploration. Although not many of us can afford Tito's 20 million dollar space vacation you have to wonder, could there soon be more people buying tickets to the moon? Visitors at Stennis Space Center are learning all about space and all about astronauts who explore it. Howevever, astronauts may not be the only ones orbiting the planet for much longer. Some people say multi-millionaire Dennis Tito's trip to outer space sets a precedent for a new kind of space travelers.

"I've been interested in space a long long time ago.A man has that much money. I wish I had it so I could go," said Steve Driscol.

Eric Lazard said "It just gives people that's just citizens the chance to go up there and see what's up there."

Not everyone feels that space is the proper place for people who are not astronauts.

"It would be wonderful for us all to be able to pay our way if we could," said Gracie Gamble. "But he was there and I think he caused some mistakes on the experiments that members of the space shuttle, the astronauts there were trying to conduct."

A 20 million dollar ticket to outer space would put a severe strain on most pocket books.but even if the trip were dirt cheap not everyone would jump at the chance to go.

Corey Kennison said "It may be a good thing for some people but I'd rather not go. See 'cause I'm kind of scared of heights. So I don't think I'll be going up there no time soon."

"I think it would be nice to go up there with no gravity." said Garett Stanley. "You could just jump and you've probably go to the top of the Eiffel Tower or something."

The company that helped Tito buy a ride on a Russian spacecraft says it has customers willing to pay for a trip into outer space. Officials at Space Adventures say they've booked 100 reservations for a 98 thousand dollar space flight aboard a space business jet that hasn't even been built.

by Danielle Thomas