Some say new Lorraine Road bridge just bypassing flood problems

Some say new Lorraine Road bridge just bypassing flood problems

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At least for the moment, the Biloxi River is behaving. But even if it spills its banks, the new Lorraine Road Bridge in Biloxi will keep commuters high and dry.

Diane Barker of Woolmarket appreciates the improvement.

"The piling is sturdy. The other one, you could feel it. It was not sturdy," Barker said. "Every time I went over it, I cringed and wondered if it was going to collapse."

But, there are some who say the problem is not fixed. In fact, some think the new bridge has created more problems as the river threatens to spill over its banks.

"There are other issues which still exists," said Millie Mason, owner of Daffy's on the River. "My parking lot is worse than before they started the bridge. It's filled with water constantly."

Mason's business used to be at the foot of the old Lorraine Road Bridge. Now, there's only one way in and one way out.

"Don't misunderstand me. I've been waiting for this bridge for [the] 32 years I've been here. But what has happened is I'm now trapped in," added Mason.

Former resident Heather Scott says the bridge just bypassed the problem.

"It feels like you put a band-aid on a broken leg," Scott said. "You didn't fix the problem. It still floods in this area. That still affects residents. It still affects businesses."

Scott questions the thought that it's now safe to drive during heavy rains.

"My daughter, who goes to D'Iberville High School, came home early....not because of the weather and the thunderstorms, but because the fact is the buses still can't get through the flooded areas," added Scott. "They made it seem as if this business - and the next business, or the next business that builds out here - that brings money into the community doesn't matter."

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