Pass Christian neighbors worry as flood water creeps closer to homes

Pass Christian neighbors worry as flood water creeps closer to homes

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Pass Christian streets are finally draining after flood waters forced many roadways to close.

Barricades on Menge Avenue warned drivers of deep water ahead, but that didn't stop some people from taking their chances. Flood waters, knee-deep in certain areas, turned many yards into lakes. Roger and Barbara Hayden watched nervously as their driveway disappeared.

"This is the worst I've seen it. It flooded a few times before, but not this bad," said Roger Hayden.

His wife Barbara couldn't even leave to buy him a cake for his 81st birthday on Thursday.

"We're supposed to go out and eat tonight, but I'd be afraid to get out," said Barbara.

Water also covered at least a dozen other streets throughout Pass Christian. Police officers helped public works crews put up barricades in the downtown area.

Connor Dubuisson and Colby Cuevas placed sandbags at the doors of the Haydens' home.

"We're putting sand bags out because everybody's supposed to get rained out, set to get water in all the houses," said Connor.

Colby added, "We shoveled and bagged them. Me and him did about....30 bags. It feels pretty amazing. It feels good to help my community."

With their mission accomplished, the two friends took a much-deserved break by paddling their kayak down Menge. But for the Haydens, they can't relax just yet.

"I'm not going to sleep. Not much we can do, but sit and pray," said Barbara.

Pass Christian Public Works Director Russell Holliman says he only had one report of a home that flooded. He plans to leave the barricades on the streets in case the city needs to close them again.

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