Business and home owners shoring up property

Business and home owners shoring up property

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - With the heavy rainfall moving closer, home and business owners spent the day Wednesday shoring-up their property. Many who've flooded before, are counting on a sand bag barrier to provide at least some protection from high waters.

At the foot of Courthouse Road, the scramble for sandbags was in high gear.

"It comes right up to the door. So, the wife said, go and get some bags. So, that's what I'm doing," said Laplace Jackson of Biloxi, "I'm getting ready."

A team from Climb CDC was picking up a few dozen. They're building a sandbag barrier where high water has threatened the downtown building before.

It's a similar story at First United Methodist downtown, with volunteers helping shore-up church property.

"We've got an education building that has gotten water in the past. We don't want to get wet again," said Phil Winchester.

That's also Richard Kenney's mission: Help the carpet store where he works, stay dry this time around.

"When Highway 49 flooded, I mean we got it big time. There's thousands of dollars worth of samples and things in there. and we can't afford it anymore, you know. Trying to avoid it this time," said Kenney.

That's why he spent much of the day, filling and delivering sandbags to Jack Beatties House of Carpet, just off Pass Road.

"We've flooded probably nine times here because of the drainage. And what happens, the ditches fill up and it has nowhere to go," said Jeannie Beattie-Plant.

In April, heavy downpours brought floodwaters to the business. Along with deploying the sandbags and stacking the inventory up high, they also called the City of Gulfport, which sent out a crew to cut the overgrown ditch. Now, the owners are hoping that preparation is enough.

Steve Jackson is also hopeful a sand bag barrier can help protect his flood-prone home on Rich Avenue.

"When it rains over there, water comes all the way like this gulf out here, down the street. Take an inner tube and go floating down the street," he said.

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