Anchor Awards highlight importance of small businesses

Anchor Awards highlight importance of small businesses

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Small businesses and nonprofits from across the coast received a fresh dose of encouragement Wednesday morning at the 8th annual Anchor Awards in Moss Point.

They're sometimes called the backbone of communities. Here in Moss Point, they're being recognized as an economic driving force.

The anchor awards ceremony is organized to show small businesses and nonprofits from around the coast appreciation for what they do.

According to the chairperson of the awards ceremony, small businesses are the reason bigger businesses have a chance at success here.

"So often, the flashier, larger industrial giants are really recognized as being what keeps us here and jobs supplied, but if you look at statistics, really 50 percent of the working population work in a small business," said Jen Dearman. "Small businesses are the ones you go to on a daily basis. Small businesses make those industrial giants possible."

Almost two dozen small businesses and nonprofits were recognized for outstanding service to the community.

The awards were given in four categories, two small business categories, a rookie category, and a nonprofit award.

Organizers say they hope this will further incentivize small businesses and nonprofits to grow and achieve in the community.

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