Bay St. Louis braces for potentially heavy rainfall, flooding

Bay St. Louis braces for potentially heavy rainfall, flooding

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Cities across the coast are bracing for possible flooding later this week. Since Monday, public works crews in Bay St. Louis have been hard at work, targeting areas that are prone to flooding.

One crew spent Tuesday chopping up the grass and pushing dirt up the banks along a ditch near Highway 603. Nearby, another crew scooped up debris and other obstructions in an overgrown culvert so water can flow freely.

"We're flat. We don't have a whole lot of quick drainage, but it does drain. If we have a lot of high tide with it, it's going to stay up a little bit, but it'll eventually go out. I have some concern, but nothing I don't think we can't handle," said Bay St. Louis Public Works Director Kim Favre.

Along with clearing drainage ditches, the city took other precautions before the rain comes.

"I have a man out doing all the lift stations. He's making sure all the floats are free and the motors are running good, just to double make sure. We don't want to have any overflows or anything," said Favre.

Favre said he has extra staff on standby, in case of emergencies during the storm.

"You got trouble spots, you got to deal with as they come. I think we're pretty set, We should be ready," he said.

Favre is asking homeowners to check around their neighborhoods to make sure the ditches are clean and to report any problems.

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