Herrin's ShortStop - Saucier-Lizana Road, Saucier

Batter up! Po-boys, wraps, salads and banana splits are just a few things Herrin's ShortStop in Saucier has to offer. Manager, Karen Herrin is enjoying a hefty batting average with this two and half year old business. In fact, one of her favorite parts is getting to know her customers.

Herrin says, "They've been comin' here for probably three months. I know their name; they know my name, and it's just like family now. So, it's fun."

While her job is fun and flexible, she also says it's a lot of hard work. Herrin says it's a big job to make people feel at home.

Herrin says, "We want it to feel like you're just walking into your kitchen, and ready for somebody else to make you a meal."

Everything is homemade, and one item is so popular it's being sold by the gallon.

"We're getting pretty good known for our cole slaw...pretty good. It's homemade. I make it fresh everyday. SO WHAT'S YOUR SECRET?? I can't tell you. It wouldn't be a secret then," Herrin says.

I'm not sure why they won't tell me their secrets? But, I think I have a pretty good idea.

Herrin says, "We have a wide variety of items... so anybody can get a salad, we do juicy sloppy burgers... we do a humongeous banana splits."

So from wraps and hot dogs to po-boys and platters, there are quite a few items to choose from, so everyone should be able to find something.

Herrin says , "If they can't find something, they're not really hungry."

So if you're heading to the ballpark or the beach, come as you are and gets some good eats.

"You can just come in however you feel, and you're always welcome," says Herrin.

Herrin's ShortStop is located on Saucier-Lizana Road and is open Monday through Thursday from10am until 8pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am until 9 pm.  They are closed on Sunday.  For more information call 228.832.6208.