I-10 Accident Leaves 28 People Injured

An investigation is underway into an early morning accident on I-10 in Jackson County that injured more than 30 people, one critically.

The accident that occurred on the bridge over the Escatawpa River, involved an 18-wheeler, a Greyhound bus, a car, and an SUV.

Some of the bus passengers, and rescue workers say it could have been a lot worse.

Police shouted at westbound drivers on I-10 who slowed to take a look at what happened across the way.

Many of the people who were involved in the accident, like Stanley Klein, are still trying to figure out what happened.

"It happened really fast. Most of the people on the bus were asleep and it was in the dark. All we heard was this screeching sound and a loud crashing roar."

The sounds of screeching tires and crashing steel jolted Walter Arnold awake.

"I just heard a crash and I went forward and hit my head. Then we exited through that window that's popped out. Then we tried to get everybody out, and a lot of people went to the hospital."

Arnold and others on the bus were amazed it wasn't worse.

"It was real frightening. I realized what was happening and I thought a lot of people was gonna die. I thought the bus driver was already dead when I woke up."

The bus driver survived the crash, but was trapped inside with critical injuries. Emergency workers had to use two sets of jaws to get him out.

The driver and two others were flown to the University of South Alabama's Trauma Center.

Once the injured were cared for, investigators began to focus on what may have caused the accident.

"It looks like the 18-wheeler jack knifed and, of course, went from there. It looks like people tried to avoid it," Alan Clampett with Acadian Ambulance said.