Thousands of dollars in equipment stolen from Saucier recreation center

Thousands of dollars in equipment stolen from Saucier recreation center

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - The start of a new football season is usually filled with promise, and hopes for a championship win. But a youth league in Saucier is already down before even making their first play.

Saucier Football President Cliff Christensen made a startling discovery when he arrived at the recreation center Thursday.

"I was coming in with $2,500 worth of new equipment to hand out to our football organization, and as soon as I turned around and looked up and saw the window. It was just disgusting," Christensen recalled.

A broken window was all it took for thieves to get into the equipment room, and get away with about $6,500 worth of equipment belonging to the recreation center. And it isn't the first time. Last year, around this same time, someone broke into the concession stand.

"We have an estimate of getting our equipment room covered, and that's another blow to our accounts, coming from our children and youth program. It's just nonsense," said Christensen.

"I guess the hardest part is to answer the question why, cause the ones that we've told and know about it, they ask, 'Why would they do this?' And we don't have an answer," said Saucier Baseball President James Scarborough.

"We do what we can do for these kids every day, on a daily basis. And for someone to come in and just take what we work really hard to have, it just hurts," said parent and coach Tony Parker.

"Take a long look at yourself and reevaluate your life because this is about as low as you can get: stealing from children," said Scarborough.

Those with any information on the crime are advised to contact the Harrison County Sheriff's Department at (228) 896-0678.

Those who would like to help the Saucier Youth Recreation Center can donate online:

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