New vaping regulations go into effect Aug. 8

New vaping regulations go into effect Aug. 8

GULFPORT - Whether it's to blow special smoke tricks, or as a safe alternative to cigarettes, vaping has taken the world by storm.

"I had tried to quit numerous times with the gun, the patch, everything that the public health department recommends, nothing worked for me. In August 2010, I purchased a vapor product and within 24 hours, I smoked my last cigarette," said American Vaping Association President, Greg Conley.

Vape shops all across the the country have maintained a steady business by selling many of the vaping products in their stores. However, that will soon change.

Beginning Aug. 8, the FDA will require vaping companies to submit products for approval; which could cost anywhere from $2 - 10 million and potentially put many companies out of business.

"It's gonna hurt us definitely. A majority of our sales are from new products and with new products not being introduced on the market for a while, that's definitely gonna hurt sales. Not just us, but a bunch of local businesses as well," said vape shop owner, Richard Fernandez.

But, it won't be the only change made to the business. New regulations will also change how vape shops operate.

"If you buy a new product, we can't even assist you in assembling that product, being that it'll be considered tobacco manufacturing. So, it's just one of the new restrictions that's been imposed by the FDA on us as well," said Fernandez.

However, it won't stop Fernandez from trying to keep his business afloat.

"But it's not the end of vaping, so there's a lot of new products on the market that haven't been affected we will be bringing in the business, so we want to remind our customers that we'll be offering top quality products to them as well," said Fernandez.

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