Unique Bay St. Louis restaurant with a mission

Unique Bay St. Louis restaurant with a mission

BENNDALE, MS (WLOX) - Star Fish cafe on Main Street in Old Town Bay St. Louis is anything but an ordinary restaurant.

Di Fillhart came to Bay St. Louis after Katrina to help with the recovery effort. Afterward, she stayed and opened Starfish Cafe to continue to make a difference.

"I think just making the world a better place, one person can make a difference. We teach our kids that they can make a difference. That ripple effect goes far out," said Fillhart.

Her kids, as she calls them, are part of the Starfish Cafe mission to provide education and life skills through a variety of outreach programs.

"Our oldest kids has been 67, and our youngest 17. We do anger management, financial literacy, resume. They do front of the house and back of the house so they learn how to take care of customers and how to prepare food," Fillhart said.

A charitable, non-profit venture, Di calls Starfish Cafe wellness for a lifetime. Looking at the menu, one thing sticks out - there are no prices. Customers can do their part to contribute to the mission at this Bay St. Louis restaurant, by paying what they want.

Di says it's not only good for the community, customers at Starfish Cafe also get something special.

"We're fresh and local, so we don't have a walk in cooler. We shop every morning at local groceries and farmer's markets when we can. When we have it out in the garden we take advantage of that. We don't have a fryer, so nothing is fried. It's a very healthy menu with great flavor," Fillhart said.

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