GPD asks drivers to be alert in school zones

GPD asks drivers to be alert in school zones

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - With the start of a new school year already in the books, children across the country are experiencing mixed emotions as summer ends and homework begins.

While many parents and loved ones are focusing on kids returning to the classroom, Gulfport law enforcement wants the public to also focus on how kids get to school.

Gulfport Police Department's Sgt. Damon McDaniel is encouraging drivers to be aware of pedestrians walking near, or in, school zones.

"Be mindful that when the school zone traffic lights are active, the speed limit is 15 mph in that area. We are asking motorists to pay attention and adhere to the speed limits during school zone times as well as non-school zone times," McDaniel said. "Motorists should also remember that passing a stopped school bus is prohibited."

According to "Nathan's Law", which was passed in December of 2009 after the death of Nathan Key, cars are required to come to a complete stop if they approach a school bus that is letting kids on or off the bus, and remain stopped until the bus begins moving again.

Police are reminding drivers to be cautious of children crossing in front of school buses as they exit and head home.

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