Neighbors Have Mixed Feelings On New Pascagoula Condos

Construction crews cut the pipes that will soon breath life into the plans of Scranton Place.

The upscale, gated, private community of 38 condos will fill up this empty lot. But some nearby residents are not welcoming their neighbors with opens arms.

"It is kind of an odd location," Bob Edwards says

Edwards looks at the corner of Ingalls Avenue and Martin Road and can't quite picture a luxurious condo.

"A lot of the nice places that they build in Pascagoula turn into section 8. They would have been better off building them on that section of land down on the beach."

Angela Speir worries the land won't be big enough to support the Scranton Place's size.

"There's just so many and I don't know where they'll put everybody," Speir says.

But some of the residents say they are a little jealous of the future condo owners.

"Right after I moved here, I saw the property for sale sign and I called on it. They said they were building condos. I kind of wished I would have waited because I probably would have gotten a condo," Resident Jane Pendergrass says.

"Sounds like it's going to be pretty nice," Resident Vernon Steele says.

Steele would prefer to have houses built in Scranton Place's location, but considering the land is zoned commercial, Steele's all for the condos.

"At first I was against it because of all of the traffic and construction and everything. But then thought, well, if it's not condos, it may be something else. It may be something worse," Steele says.

"Would you rather have a 7/11 that's open 24 hours a day or a condo that's kind of like your house. The people get up and go to work in the morning and come home and go to bed at night," Ward 3 city councilman Joe Abston says.

Abston he believes residents don't have anything to worry about. The condos in that spot sold individually for a high price. Abston says that is a recipe for success.