OS teachers kick off school year with energetic pep rally

OS teachers kick off school year with energetic pep rally

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - This week marks the start of school for many of the coast's school districts. Right now, teachers are preparing for another year in the classroom.

Teachers in Ocean Springs kicked off the year with a huge celebration Tuesday.

Pep rallies are generally reserved for showing off school spirit before sporting events, but these teachers used that same energy to start the school year on a high note. Teachers from all the schools in the district got together at the high school gym to make some noise and get in the right spirit to bring energy to their classes.

The administration tasked athletic director Mark Hubbard with doing things a little differently this year. He said this morning turned out to be way beyond what he expected.

"It's more than I could ever dream," Hubbard said. "As you can tell in there, they're just going crazy. It's fun. Our teachers, they love what they do. Our faculty loves what they do. This is just a chance for them to get out that energy and get ready for a great school year."

The actual first day of school for Ocean Springs is Thursday. If these teachers aren't worn out from the fun, the students are in for an energetic year.

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