Recovering addicts say heroin use on the rise in South MS

Recovering addicts say heroin use on the rise in South MS
Jeffery Wade Necaise (Family Photo)
Jeffery Wade Necaise (Family Photo)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Jackson County officials are looking for answers after 39-year-old Jeffery Wade Necaise was found dead in a car at the Martin Lake Campground. Investigators with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department say a drug overdose killed Necaise.

Results from the toxicology report haven't been released, but according to those who have been through the throws of addiction, heroin use is on the rise.

The evening hours at Martin Lake Campground revealed the tragic scene. According to the sheriff's department, Necaise's body was found in a car near the lake.

Recovering addicts say it's not hard to end up headed down a similar path.

"I had no idea what the effects were. What the long term effects, what the short term effects were, and I was playing with fire," said Celeste Rabideau.
Her drug of choice was methamphetamine. Lately, there's been another drug she said is becoming more and more attainable.

"It's definitely become heroin. There's a lot more heroin on the streets," said Rabideau.

Kelly Desorneaux is also recovering from addiction. She said heroin is cheaper than the prescription pills that many people turn to.

"It's so dangerous. Once you use once, that's it," said Desorneaux.

According to some former addicts and users, that's part of what makes heroin so dangerous. That one use could be a fatal mistake.

"It could take one good bag, and they don't know what it is. It's coming from other countries, and they don't know how pure it is. It could take them out, man. I've seen a lot of people go. A lot of friends," said Jared Sharp.

Sharp, Rabideau, Desorneaux, and others have found hope at the Home of Grace Addiction Recovery Center. Officials at the center say out of their clients that used opiates in 2015, there were 208 heroin users. Through June of this year, there are already 145.

Those in the program say there is help available.

"It's never too late until you're not breathing," said Rabideau.

"It followed me everywhere. I'm so happy now. I have a life again. I'm living. It's unbelievable," said Desorneaux.

According to the Jackson County Coroner's Office, drug deaths are slightly up this year in the county

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