Coast Residents Give Opinions On Redistricting

Coast residents got their chance Saturday to tell legislators how they think congressional districts should be redrawn. More than a dozen legislators who are on the redistricting committee came to Gulfport today for a public hearing.

Because of the 2000 census figures, Mississippi will lose a congressional seat, so legislators must redraw the lines to create four districts instead of the current five.

About 30 people attended the hearing. They asked the committee to be fair and to make sure the districts are redrawn evenly. Legislators say they welcome public comments and mentioned that this is not an easy task.

"It's going to be a hard job, it's going to be a difficult job, but it's something that we have to try and we have to attempt to get done for the people of this state," said Rep. Tommy Reynolds, the committee chairman.

Nine more public hearings will be held in other parts of the state. The committee is also accepting written comments. You can mail comments to Reapportionment Committee, P. O. Box 1204, Jackson, MS 39215-1204.