Road to the NFL Hall of Fame: Brett Favre & his high school days

Road to the NFL Hall of Fame: Brett Favre & his high school days

KILN, MS (WLOX) - For 19 years Brett Favre proved on the playing field, he's one of the all-time great NFL quarterbacks.

On Saturday, Favre will be enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  He'll be  recognized for his outstanding achievements.

Favre began his football journey at Hancock North Central High School.  He wore jersey No. 10.  Favre was the Hawks starting quarterback in 1985 and 1986, under the watchful eye of head coach Irvin Favre.  Yes, his dad called the shots and Irvin believed in running the football.

Norris Chaisson was Brett's high school teammate.  Chaisson, a finance manager at Mercedes Benz of South Mississippi, played various positions, including fullback.

Chaisson said, "We were a power running team. We had a guy named Charles Burton who was our running back.  If he didn't run a 3.9, he didn't run anything in the 40.  I mean this kid was super face, blocked for him as well.  Brett would throw, could throw the ball, that's what I say..who knew?  He wasn't a throwing quarterback.  He was more of a tackler on defense and almost a third blocker sort to speak when he came to power sweeps and stuff."

Favre completed 50 percent of his passes in high school for 12-hundred yards, added 500 yards rushing  and 23 total touchdowns.  Chaisson says Brett also excelled on defense.

"Brett wasn't scared to hit anybody. "said Chaisson.  "It didn't matter how big they were or how small they were.  He was just wanting to play ball.  That was his thing.  He just wanted to play. That was his thing.  To go from high school to do what he did in college was amazing.  I mean he set all kinds of records.  That was like a hidden gem that just kind of come to fruition in the end.  Then, when he went to the NFL and did what he did in the NFL was amazing to watch."

Back in 1986 I was a member of the Burger King All-Star selection committee.  We voted Favre on the first team defense as a defensive back, not quarterback. Keswic Joiner of Moss Point secured the quarterback All-Star selection.

On Tuesday we take a look at Favre's college career at Southern Miss and the one game that propelled Brett on the map in Hattiesburg.

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