'Pokemon Go' leaving Biloxi Visitors Center

'Pokemon Go' leaving Biloxi Visitors Center
Some players cleaned up outside the Visitor's Center as others played Pokemon Go. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - By now, you're probably familiar with the game that has taken the nation by storm, "Pokemon Go." The party at the Biloxi Visitors Center, which is one of the most popular local destinations for Pokemon players, may soon come to a halt.

"Pokemon Go" players who have enjoyed the game at the Biloxi Lighthouse and visitors center may soon have to make some changes to their routines.

"We're not causing a disturbance. We're not littering. We finally got a game that's got people out walking around and making new friends, and it just doesn't make sense that they would try to ruin it for you," Angelique Soutullo said.

Soutullo isn't happy that one of her favorite activities may soon not exist at the Biloxi Visitors Center.

"The city was notified today that the Pokemon stops at the Biloxi Visitors Center and the Biloxi Lighthouse are going to be removed from the game," said city spokesman Vincent Creel.

City officials filed paperwork with Google to request the visitors center be taken off the "Pokemon Go" list of play locations.

"Pokemon Go" is a wildly popular free game that people download onto their cell phones and try to catch virtual creatures that show up on their screens. City leaders say the game's players are causing visible wear and tear on the front lawn of the visitor's center.

"This has been a burden on city resources in that we've had to clean up a lot of trash down there on the front lawn. We've also had a higher security for those instances whenever we have had special events at the Biloxi Visitors Center," said Creel

The news comes on a day that a group of players organized a cleanup of the lawn as a token of appreciation, but the cleanup efforts won't sway the city's decision.

"That's so sad. I guess it's because visitors aren't like actually going in and getting information, but we're not stopping any people like tourists from coming up here. I mean, tourists are going to stop here and catch Pokemon," Soutullo said.

Creel said safety issues are another reason the City of Biloxi has decided to remove Pokemon from the visitors center. He said they hope to alleviate some traffic problems near the area and people rubber necking to see what's going on there.

He also said there is no timeline of when exactly the game will be fully removed from the visitors center.

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