10-year-old Vancleave guitar player named School House Rock finalist

10-year-old Vancleave guitar player named School House Rock finalist

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - Guitar player Andrew Sullivan, otherwise known as Six String Andrew, is taking the South by storm.

As his sound reaches ears across the Coast, many notice something special about the guy with musical fingers - he's only 10 years old.

"He's always wanted to play the guitar since the time he was four, maybe," said Andrew's mother, Jennifer. "We let him take lessons until he was six and thought maybe we were wasting our money, but then he ended up doing really well."

Some may say Andrew's doing more than 'really well'.

Aside from playing at a several local clubs and restaurants around South Mississippi, Andrew has headlined blues clubs in Clydesdale, Mississippi; and even played with some of his favorite bands.

"I've played with Cheap Trick three times, and I played with Blue Oyster Cult in a rock camp, and I've played with Gary Hoyle," said Andrew.

Andrew's father Michael added, "It's a great honor, it's a great experience for him. We've traveled all over the United States, he's been able to play with some big name people and we're very proud of him."

Even though the pre-teen is known on a local basis, he now has the opportunity to go national with the Broadway play, School of Rock.

"In February he won a contest for School of Rock in New York....it was only 10 kids across America and he was one of them," said Michael. "We were there for two days, he got called back a second day and when they were done, they said that we'd get in touch with you....we hadn't heard anything for six months so, we thought it was a polite way of saying 'We aren't interested,'"

If chosen, Andrew leaves for New York on August 6, and could begin touring with the play as early as October.

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