City Workers Learn To Save Lives

Pascagoula city employees are learning life saving lessons.

When Mayor Joe Cole had a heart attack last month, his wife's ability to immediately perform CPR is what many say saved his life.

Cole is still in the hospital, listed in serious but stable condition.

In light of what happened to Mayor Cole, city leaders decided it would be a good idea to teach the life saving technique to city workers.

Firefighter Robbie Freeman says he can't count the number of times he's seen CPR save a life.

"The brain actually starts to die within about six minutes after someone goes down from a heart attack. So if somebody knows CPR, they can keep blood and oxygen going to the brain long enough for us to get there," says Freeman.

"Everybody's been so concerned with Mayor Cole. And we're so impressed by the fact that his wife was able to perform CPR," says City Manager Kay Kell.

"When she was standing in the emergency room, people were coming through saying, 'I wouldn't have known how to do that.'"

Kell says that's when he decided to act. City firefighters and police officers all get CPR training. Now, the goal is to make sure all city workers get that same lifesaving instruction.

"Another city employee may be the only one there, plus we're out with the public all the time," says Kell. "We give them training for every other possibility and this is just one more we need to aim for."

Parks and recreation worker Dean Crenshaw believes the citizens will benefit too.

"I'm out in the field and it just gives me one more tool where I might be able to save a child's life or somebody out in the public," says Crenshaw. "I'm a firm believer that life is very special and that's why I'm taking it."

Kell and other city leaders hope by having city employees learn CPR, they'll be able to act quickly and hopefully save a life when tragedy strikes.