Confederate flag supporters gather in Tupelo

Confederate flag supporters gather in Tupelo

TUPELO, MS (WLOX) - Dozens belonging to the United Patriot Society gathered in Tupelo over the weekend to show their support for the use of the Confederate flag; especially on the Mississippi state flag.

The rally was peaceful; consisting of various speakers, waving flags, and music.

The society says the flag is a symbol of their southern pride; not hatred.

"It's just what I believe in, what I stand for. My southern heritage, the way I grow up, the way I'm raised to live my life right and believe in God," said one supporter.

"Thirteen stars are for the 13 confederate states. The white borders is the protection of God, and the red is the blood of Christ," another supporter noted.

Counter protesters were also present, but the mayor says the event remained peaceful between both groups.

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