Go-cups seem to be working in Biloxi

Go-cups seem to be working in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When Mississippi's open container law came into effect, many businesses said it would be good for business.

And now, one month later, they're still saying it.

Sandbar owner Craig Raynor says he has seen a 40 to 50 percent increase in daiquiri sales at his Biloxi business since July 1, when it became legal for customers to walk out with their drinks.

"Lot of pre-gaming. People will come by before a game," Raynor said. "Roam down to the ballpark and, they've got their daiquiri to go and beatin' the heat with it."

The open container has opened up more opportunities for already established events in Biloxi like First Fridays, but also for new events, like the Vieux Marche Street Fair.

Organizer Jordan Hartshorn says the new law has provided a new excitement.

"It's sparked a crowd that usually doesn't go to a bar, because they can't stop," Hartshorn said. "But now they can stop, drink their drink, go to the next place, go to the restaurant. On the day of, there were people that came in just to walk out and say, look I walked out with my alcohol beverage."

There are several entertainment districts throughout the city, but the new law could especially help the Vieux Marche area that has been trying to establish a booming nightlife.

For Gulfport resident and vendor Patrick Coen, open containers attract not only business, but also himself.

"The benefit of the go-cup is phenomenal for business and it allows you to walk around, stay cool," Coen said. "Enjoy a drink and shop at all these great vendors and really have a good time. You're not confined inside. Go out and spend some money."

Biloxi and Gulfport were the first cities on the Coast to establish entertainment districts. Other cities along the Coast have since joined the go-cup craze.

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