Kids 'kick it' for a good cause

Kids 'kick it' for a good cause

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The City of Gautier put on a kickball tournament at Bacot field to help "kick out" obesity.

"That's the number one problem that we've seen in our youth right now," said Cultural Services Director LaFreida Ray.

According to the CDC, Mississippi was the third most obese state in the country in 2015.

"We got a lot of kids that, for they age, is too big already, you know, too young. Something like this gets them out, and gives them some exercise. Gets them away from those consoles," said parent Alexander Richburg.

In an effort to get local kids moving, the tournament was free for kids ages 6 - 16.

"After the game the kids will be getting apples, oranges, and granola bars to kind of promote the healthiness of obesity and fighting it at the same time," Ray said.

Volunteers from Gautier High School basketball team sacrificed their last few days of summer vacation to help coach the event.

On top of battling obesity, the event also helped bring an old baseball park back to life.

"The part of the community really needs activities, and we've got a beautiful park here, and there's no reason why we aren't utilizing Bacot park as it was intended years ago," said councilman Hurley Ray Guillott.

Guillott says within the next few months, the park will be open again for baseball and football games.

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