Will Smokin' The Sound Return For A Third Year?

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

That was evident Monday afternoon as various teams broke down their temporary homes at Point Cadet, and prepared to move on to their next destinations.

But Smokin' the Sound participants say it was fun while it lasted.

"The weather was perfect, the events that they had for us were perfect, the water was amazing. Everybody here is just absolutely fabulous every time we come, so I'm just looking forward to just coming back again," said Offshore Super Series project coordinator Natalie Zimmerman.

But will Zimmerman get her wish? Will we see the race boats of the Offshore Super Series smoke the sound next year?

Co-producer Woody Bailey says maybe.

"We've got to look at all the things that make this event happen and what's going to bring it back, and what that is really is the sponsorship. Our major sponsors, the community support - those are the key factors that will determine whether this event is back next year or not."

Bailey says he, along with the other organizers, is optimistic there will be a Smokin' the Sound three, He says they're eager to build upon this event to make it even more fun and more profitable.

But even though the organizers are unsure about the status of a future Smokin' the Sound, Bailey says race participants are certain they want to return.

"From the racers' perspective, from the teams' perspective, they love it here. They are planning on coming back. We want them back. The community, I feel like, wants them back. So from their perspective they'll definitely be here," said Bailey.

Even though organizers are uncertain at this point about the return of the event, they are already planning for the future, including the addition of a boat show to the itinerary, as well as a few more days of fun.