Seabees make special delivery to Back Bay Mission

Seabees make special delivery to Back Bay Mission
Community members say they are grateful for the donations. (Photo source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Seabees are giving back to the Gulf Coast community in a major way.

Leaders at the Back Bay Mission say they want community members to come to them not just for a "hand out" of food, but also, for a helping "hand up."

Alice Graham, Executive Director of the Biloxi Back Bay Mission said, "We're going to work with small groups of folk who have committed to getting out of poverty. We'll work with them over a two year period to develop their plan, to implement their plan, and they will work with a mentor specifically assigned to them."

In the meantime, the Seabees are giving aid those in need by dropping off a truck-load of donated, non-perishable items.

"We have roughly couple hundred pounds, probably a little over 300 pounds of food that we've collected from the base," said Henry Shoemaker with the Naval Construction Battalion Center.

The donation is part of the "Feds Feed Families" campaign, that people on the base spent months collecting items; something people like Antoinette Hughes greatly appreciate.

"Sometimes you may be walking around and thirsty, you can come in here and pick up a bottle of water and juice, package with ravioli, little snack crackers," said Hughes.

Employees at the Mission say donations like those from the Seabees help them focus funds on obtaining perishable items such as vegetables, meat and dairy products for the community.

"It means the world to me. It saves my life every month, thank Jesus for it," said Carolin Morrow, who receives groceries at Biloxi's Back Bay Mission.

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