Biloxi City leaders hoping to build walkways over Hwy. 90

Biloxi City leaders hoping to build walkways over Hwy. 90

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi city officials are working toward making Hwy. 90 safer for both pedestrians and cyclists.

"What we're looking at for downtown Biloxi is two pedestrian walkways. There's gonna be one that's been in the works for MGM Park, which is gonna be great for the people in the Beau Rivage that may be going to MGM Park," said Biloxi Public Affairs Manager, Vincent Creel.

The proposed bridge would be reminiscent of the Buena Vista Walkway that was nearly built in the same place decades ago.

"The second one that we are looking to do in concert with coach transit will be between the beau rivage and the hard rock and it will come down right at the foot of the Beau," added Creel.

City officials estimate the cost for Walkways at around $2 million a piece.

"Hwy. 90 overall, especially for pedestrians, especially around this time of year is dangerous. Especially trying to cross from one side to another, and especially a lot of time these days a lot of folks aren't paying attention," said Biloxi resident, Hermon Watson.

Another reason for building the pedestrian bridges and walkways is to make traffic flow better along Hwy 90. Creel says every time pedestrians push cross walk buttons, they're potentially disrupting the flow of traffic.

"Every time someone pushes the crosswalk signal it sets off the synchronization of the lights on Hwy. 90. Anyone who has traveled Hwy 90 wants to know why more of these lights aren't synchronized," said Creel.

The walkways are in the planning stages and will be discussed at the next city council meeting, Aug. 2.

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