Girl, 10, taking on all comers in grappling competitions

Girl, 10, taking on all comers in grappling competitions

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Emily Ohr, 10, trains at Alan Belcher MMA in D'Iberville, and she's turning heads, arms, legs, and bodies upside down. Emily has enjoyed success in grappling competitions. In 23 tournaments, she's captured first place 16 times.

Over the weekend, she won a tournament in Orange Beach, AL.

"I won all four of my matches and got a belt," Emily said.

The interesting thing is, she had to fight two boys.

"I arm barred and triangled both boys, "said Emily. She beat them, so how did she feel?

"I felt proud of myself."

Emily said she was looking for a competitive sport and has fallen in love with grappling. She trains four to five days a week, two to three hours each day.
Her instructor, Alex Harrell, said grappling is the ground aspect of mixed martial arts.

"In the grappling competition, you don't throw punches," said Harrell. "You focus on the grappling. It could be a mixture of a bunch of martial arts, but primarily here we do Brazilian jiu-jitsu."

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a descendant of judo. Once a competition ends, both competitors display respect.

"You have to be respectful and sportsmanship for every match that you do, win or lose," said Emily.

Mike Sanford is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor at Alan Belcher MMA. He said Emily has exceeded expectations.

"Her strongest point is her ability to put hard work to the max and her determination," said Sanford. "I can remember every since day one, she was always asking questions, always putting in that extra work. She's showing great discipline and improvement, and it's really paying off."

Sanford said only about 10 percent of the kids who train decide to get into competition. From the beginning, Emily wanted to compete.

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