Drug Court hosts softball benefit tournament

Drug Court hosts softball benefit tournament
Law enforcement officers and drug court participants came together Saturday in Jackson County to help raise money for Marjorie Williams, who is battling breast cancer for the second time. (Photo source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Law enforcement officers and drug court graduates in Jackson County came together Saturday to play a softball benefit tournament for a good cause.

Marjorie Williams stood on the sidelines, cheering her team on, as the two teams went head to head to help support her as she battles breast cancer for the second time.

"It's more than anything I could have ever expected," said Williams, as she watched her teammates go up to bat.

"It's inoperable, so it's something we're trying to do with chemo to reduce it and keep it in one spot because it was just spreading really fast," Williams explained about her cancer.

The Jackson County Drug Court organized the event to help raise funds for Williams' treatment. Williams is a graduate of the program.

"I wouldn't even be here today, regardless of cancer or anything else, had it not been that I went through the program," said Williams.

"All of our drug courts have worked really hard to put this off," said drug court Judge Dale Harkey. "And I couldn't be more proud of them."

Four drug court teams played, but they weren't the only ones trying to strike out cancer. The Jackson County Sheriff's Department and the Pascagoula Police Department also participated, with the sheriff's deputies taking home the trophy.

"You know, we're the sheriffs department and all we do is win," said deputy Mitchell McMillan. "So we figured we'd coming over, take the trophy home and make a little money for her."

With all the people who showed up, the tournament was definitely successful. Aside from raising money, it allowed those in the drug court program to mix with law enforcement, the judicial system, and the community, helping to bring everyone closer together as a community.

"The community has supported this 100%," said Judge Harkey. "And we couldn't be prouder of it. It's just a great day."

The event even brought out Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell, who could be seen reffing games, and Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence, who worked concessions.

Williams says seeing all the support is a motivator to beat the disease.

"We're just gonna keep fighting," said Williams. "That's what we do."

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