Residents concerned about waste pickup in Woolmarket

Residents concerned about waste pickup in Woolmarket

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - Concerns over their garbage pick-up has some residents in Harrison County upset.

They say that Waste Pro's garbage collection efforts in the Woolmarket area are not consistent, especially around the holidays. Waste Pro is the company contracted by the county to remove trash and debris.

"The debris here on the side of the road has been her for more over 10 days or so," said William Petty of Woolmarket.

Residents of John Lee Road said debris on the side of the road for days can be hard to look at.

"Been pretty slow here lately, especially round the holidays and Fourth of July," said Petty. "It takes forever to get picked up."

Larry Tabor lives in Mill Creek Crossing in Woolmarket and said he hasn't had any issues with Waste Pro. However, he's heard otherwise outside his subdivision.

"In the outskirts of Woolmarket proper, I've heard people complaining on Facebook that they haven't picked up for weeks," said Tabor.

Gulfport resident Joe Pevey posted his frustrations over piles of debris left on the side of the road for several weeks.

Officials at Waste Pro acknowledge that they have received a lot of complaints. However, they say a lot of the items put out on the road for pick-up are not actually trash.

"We've been getting a lot of calls and complaints about boom piles not being picked up and trash sitting on the ground," Binky Jemmott, the operations manager for Waste Pro in Jackson and Harrison counties. "I don't think the community understands the difference between trash and garbage."

Jemmott said garbage is what you put in the 97-gallon Waste Pro cart, which is picked up twice a week. Trash, which is picked up just once a week, is anything that doesn't go into your Waste Pro cart.

"Now, if you have a boom pile if you have bulk pick up, you have dressers, and mattresses and you have a whole lot of stuff that's going to require a boom truck," said Jemmot. "Then you call into the 228-818-5393 number."

Waste Pro said if you have a problem with service, let them know.

"The costumer service will contact one of the field supervisors, one of the field supervisors will come out and address the issue, or they will contact myself and I'll come out and address the issue," said Jemmott.

Waste Pro does ask you that you bag all your garbage. Otherwise, it could fly out of the trucks while garbage is being picked up. They also say that said unless it's a large item like a mattress, workers won't pick up loose items that are not bagged.

According to Jemmot, residents should also note that Waste Pro is not responsible for picking up construction debris or contractor clean-up, like from landscaping.

To find out your schedule for trash or garbage, call Waste Pro 228-818-5393.

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