Page 13: Fresh roasted coffee in Long Beach

Page 13: Fresh roasted coffee in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The unmistakable aroma of coffee beans being roasted fills the air at the Coast Coffee roasting plant in Long Beach.

Shawn Montella and his crew roast coffee beans the old fashioned way.

"The biggest thing for us is fresh. We roast on a 100-year-old machine. It's very time consuming and hands on. Everything we sell was roasted the day or day before and we do it everyday of the week and ship out every week. It's always fresh," said Montella.

Montella owns Bankhouse Coffee in a historic building on Jeff Davis Avenue in Long Beach. He and his business partner also own two coffee shops in Louisiana.

The wholesale side of the operation has taken off. Coast Roast provides coffee for restaurants, casinos and other businesses along the Mississippi Coast, in  New Orleans and beyond. The coffee beans come from all over the world.

"Guatemala, Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia. We have them from everywhere," Montella says.

Bankhouse coffee is doing so well in Long Beach that Montella plans to expand. He hopes to open a Coast Roast coffee shop in Downtown Gulfport in the next few months.

Exotic coffee beans roasted to perfection. Modern technology teams up with traditional roasting methods to make coffee at South Mississippi's Bankhouse coffee and Coast Roast.

"From green bean to a cup, it's neat. Not a lot of people do it and we enjoy it," said Montella.

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