Ocean Springs Moves Red Caboose

The little red caboose that's been sitting in downtown Ocean Springs has a new home.

For years, the old rail car has been parked next to City Hall and the Library. Friday, work crews moved the caboose to a very visible location next to the Crooked Feather monument near Highway 90.

It's been talked about for years. There have been numerous proposals to relocate the car. But it's all been just talk, until now.

Ocean Springs Mayor Seren Ainsworth was among those watching workers prepare the caboose for the big move.

"We felt it was a bad location here, taking up quite a few parking spaces," Mayor Ainsworth said. "We needed to move it. And another thing is we move it out by Crooked Feather and all the visitors can see it."

The library staff sees one main benefit from the move: additional parking spaces.

"There are just so many places to visit and so few places to park. And now that we have a few more parking spaces opened up, it's just going to be absolutely wonderful," librarian Jill Tempest said.

The trip down Porter proved most challenging. Dodging low hanging tree limbs was a little tricky. But choosing that route gave the pre schoolers at St. John's an unexpected treat.

Kay Beaguez watched over the 22 three-year-olds who watched the caboose roll by.

"We were on the way to the beach and we heard the caboose was coming, so we stopped. They think it's wonderful."

The moving project attracted quite a lot of attention and turned more than just a few heads. And why not? It's not every day you see a 32 thousand pound rail car rolling down city streets.

As crews prepared to lower the little red caboose at it's new home, we couldn't help but ask the mayor one more question.

Does he think this is the "end of the line" for the little red caboose?

"I think it will be. I think it's the resting place right there. Sure is."