Bicyclists say safety measures for cars on Hwy. 67 are a danger

Bicyclists say safety measures for cars on Hwy. 67 are a danger

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hwy. 67 traffic can be frightening enough to cyclists, even with dedicated bike lanes.

But ironically, a new safety measure for cars has created even more worry for those on two wheels.

"It does make you leery and want to try to figure out some alternative ways to get through here without endangering yourself, or the other people that ride with you in your groups," said bicyclist Jeff Sellers.

Sellers has been biking on the Coast since 1989, and says this intersection on Hwy. 67 is one of the most dangerous.

MDOT put in a barricade as a safety measure for cars entering the highway from Tradition Parkway. The problem - it forces bicyclists through a small point just inches away from speeding cars.

Sellers and fellow bikers use the bike lanes in both Hwy. 605 and 67.

"They feel safe in that," Sellars said. "They feel like people are giving them space. But when you turn around and start inching them out toward the edge of the road, that comfort zone starts disappearing."

Sellers says although bicyclists have all levels of experience, everyone needs to be careful.

"Sometimes you think you have enough space, you really don't. They overtake you a lot quicker than you expect sometimes. So, even being aware of what you're doing, it can sneak up on you."

He's also says that any attempt to cross the barrier or accidentally hitting it will be dangerous.

"We have so many roads that are really congested that when you do get a nice road that is opened up enough that they can enjoy it, you want to keep 'em enjoying it," Sellars noted.

After inquiries into the problem by WLOX, bicyclists have some good news. MDOT official Michael Flood says crews will be removing one section of the rails to give cyclists a path through the intersection.

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