2 arrested in Gulfport; police recover nearly 50 pounds of meth

2 arrested in Gulfport; police recover nearly 50 pounds of meth

GULFPORT, MS - Following several months of undercover investigation Mexico-based narcotics broker, two people were arrested in Gulfport after allegedly delivering nearly 50 pounds of methamphetamine.

According to police, an undercover agent and a confidential source arranged to pick up a drug shipment in Gulfport from a courier at Morelias Mexican Bar and Grill, located at 9442 Hwy. 49 on July 16, and provide a partial payment.

Upon arrival, the confidential source and undercover agent met with Miguel Villalobos-Chavez, and Maria Martinez-Marcias. After talking, police say the group decided to move to the parking lot of Best Western at 9475 Hwy. 49, where it was not as crowded.

At the new location, the suspects reportedly expressed concern about the cameras and the amount of traffic, but the confidential source and agent convinced the two that the area was fine.

Shortly after, court documents say Martinez-Marcias opened the trunk to provide a distraction as Villalobos-Chavez and the confidential source took out multiple packages of meth from the doors of the vehicle.

After viewing the drugs, the agent singled for a take-down and Martinez-Marcias and  Villalobos-Chavez were arrested.

Police recovered approximately 21.2 kilograms (46.738 pounds) of methamphetamine from the courier's car.

The suspects appeared in court on Monday.

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