A special tribute for Baton Rouge fallen officers

A special tribute for Baton Rouge fallen officers

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Working in his garage, Adam Nash has a passion for Harley motorcycles. However, his latest passion is woodworking.

When he heard about the tragedy in Baton Rouge, Nash created a carved honor in memory of the fallen officers.

"They're a person just like you or me, and people tend to forget that. And with everything going on, I thought it would be something that could brighten the day of somebody who thinks that somebody is out to get them that at least someone supports them," Nash explained.

Nash pays attention to every detail on his creation, and wants people to pay attention to the sacrifice of the men and women in blue.

"People get so caught up in just thinking police, police, police but there is someone behind the badge, and that person shows up to work and wants to go home to their family. I think everybody has got that right. Nobody wants to go to work and not come home from it," Nash said.

While he wants to deliver this Louisiana pallet board to the Baton Rouge police department on Aug. 1 himself, he also wants to deliver something else.

"People can contact me through Facebook if they want to send cards, notes, gifts. Really, I don't have any limitations on what I'm going to bring with me as long as it's something positive," he added.

Even though the tribute has just begun, it's been well received, and Adam is hopeful.

"I've got a pretty big truck, so I'm good with loading up as much stuff as I can to take over there. But, it's been all positive feedback so far."

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