Explosion At Suspected Meth Lab Sends Man To Burn Center

A Vancleave man is fighting for his life after an explosion at his home. Investigators say it was caused by a meth lab. It's the second fire at a suspected meth lab in less than a month in Jackson County.

It happened around 10 o'clock Friday morning on Rouses Marina Road in Vancleave.

Narcotics Task Force Commmander Louie Miller says the chemicals and other things inside the home make him certain there was a meth lab inside.

"We're executing a search warrant now to see if there's any other chemicals in there."

When firefighters entered the home, they found one man who investigators believe was cooking the drugs.

"He was burned pretty good on his upper torso, upper body area. It's another one of those sad situations."

"They... start fooling with stuff and don't understand it totally, or one of them lights a cigarette or whatever. It's just a very dangerous situation."

Miller says he would think by now people would realize the dangers that come along with using and manufacturing meth amphetamine.

"If you're lucky enough to get through, learn how to do the cooks, get through the cooks, it tears up the family and there's horrendous problems it causes."

Miller says this explosion is just one more example of how the meth trade is destroying lives in South Mississippi.

Miller has not released the name of the man burned in Friday's explosion. He did say the man was flown to USA Medical Center's Burn Unit in Mobile where he is in critical condition.

by Josh Ridgdell