NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Rickey Jackson gives his thoughts on 2016 Saints

NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Rickey Jackson gives his thoughts on 2016 Saints

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Long-time Saints fans will always remember the stellar play of No. 57 linebacker Rickey Jackson.  He was a vocal and physical leader during the Saints run at the NFC West Division title and four trips to the NFL playoffs in the late 80s and early 90s.

Of late, the New Orleans Saints defensive units haven't been of the bone crushing variety compared to the years Rickey Jackson led the Dome Patrol defense.

In fact, the 2015 Saints defense set a league record for giving up the most yards in the history of the NFL.

During the off-season Saints head coach Sean Payton made a number of roster moves in trying to shore up that weak defensive unit.  He brought in linebacker James Laurinatis, defensive tackle Nick Fairley, outside linebacker Nathan Stupar and brought back defensive back Roman Harper.

Can those players help add much needed pop to the Saints defensive attack?

Jackson said, "I don't think they're made enough changes.  I don't see nobody they got is suppose to be a Superstar or anything like that and these days in order for you to win and to be good, you've got to have some players on your defense.  So, I don't see where they got a whole lot, you know, great name players and stuff.
So, you just have to wait around and see what guys they

Jackson says NFL odds makers normally can forecast pretty accurately how well a team can do and Jackson says he doesn't like that odds.

"If you look at all the people putting them at 6 and 10.  So, when you see guys like Vegas, and all those guys give them 6 and 10, that means if they win 7 games you win a lot of money, "stated Jackson.  "Those people are not just putting stuff out there.  They're going to lose.  I'm just hoping that they can go 9 and 7, something like that."

Veteran quarterback Drew Brees will always keep the Saints in most games.  His ability to drive the offense down field gives New Orleans a chance at victory.  If the defense can pick up it's pace...the Saints could vie for a playoff spot in 2016,

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